Meanings of Aloha

By | December 23, 2019

Aloha is a Hawaiian word that serves to greet, say goodbye and desire love and harmony.

Aloha is the most used and known word in Hawaii. The word is composed of alo which means “presence” and has to indicate “breathing.” Therefore, aloha literally translates as “presence of breath.”

In this sense, aloha is used on the island of Hawaii as a philosophy of life in which life is desired that in turn implies love and affection. It is for this reason, the popularization of the word is due to its complex meaning that cannot be translated into other languages ​​in a single word.

The word aloha is pronounced using the sound of the “J” in Spanish by the “H” in the word: A-Lo-Ja.

Due to the deep meaning of the word, many companies and projects use it to promote themselves, such as a search engine, risk assessment software, educational program to learn math in a fun way, restaurants and advertising agencies.

Aloha is also the brand with which Hawaii promotes tourism on the island.

Aloha Spirit

On the other hand, the Aloha spirit is designated as a way of living life in harmony, delivering love for the personal self-realization of body and soul. This philosophy is so rooted in the culture of the island that it is registered as a state law in Hawaii.

As described above, the Aloha spirit as a state law ensures the correct action of its politicians, aligning its obligations with the affection and respect for all of the community.

According to Hawaiian priests called kahunas, decisions made following the spirit Aloha coordinates and balances the reasons of body and soul.