Meanings of Axiomatic

By | April 17, 2019

Axiomatic is something obviousunquestionable, indisputable, undeniable, irrefutable, irrefutable, safe, proven, of course, it is something related to axioms, which is not false or doubtful. Axiomatic has a meaning in various sciences, such as logic, mathematics, engineering, all with theories about axioms.

In logic, there is the axiomatic system, which is a form of deductive theory, constructed from initial conditions that are developed by definition rules. In mathematics, there is also an axiomatic system, which is a set of axioms that can be used for the logical derivation of theorems, through deductions.

Likewise, an axiomatic system can express its axioms formally or informally. When each axiom, using formal language, is a finite chain of signs in this alphabet, and that sequence is a well-formed formula following combinatorial rules, it is called formal axiomatization. When unambiguous definitions are used with a formalized natural language, it is called informal axiomatization. Mathematics books and other formal disciplines usually write the axioms in this way.

In logic, axiomatic is when an axiom, also called a postulate, is a sentence that has not been proven or proven, and despite this is considered obvious, it is a consensus to accept a theory.