Meanings of Baccalaureate

By | February 17, 2019

Baccalaureate is a program of studies that follows secondary education, although in some countries, they may be part of it. The baccalaureate in the latter case is also called high school.

The baccalaureate is the studies that allow a student to obtain the baccalaureate degree, requirement for the continuation of studies in university institutions.

The National Baccalaureate System (SNB) in Mexico, for example, is defined as the mechanism of the Secretary of Public Education (SEP) to print a common curriculum framework for the delivery of generic, disciplinary and professional competencies in the graduate’s profile.

Types of baccalaureate

The types of baccalaureate are classified according to the specialty and the objectives of the studies to be taken:

General Baccalaureate

The general baccalaureate is focused on the humanities and engineering specialties and aims to continue studies to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Technological Baccalaureate

The technological baccalaureate specializes in knowledge about technology and industrial development. The objective is to continue with university studies.

Professional technical baccalaureate

The professional technical baccalaureate delivers technological and scientific knowledge at the beginning of working life, with the option to continue with other studies.

Baccalaureate of job training courses

Job training courses are specially created for incorporation into the job. They are also known as job training.

Online baccalaureate

The online baccalaureate or virtual baccalaureate are study systems for students who live in remote communities or with few options, have difficulty in moving due to a disability or people who want to continue their studies with interrupted schedules.

There are also baccalaureates that mix the different types of formats such as, for example, the distance bivalent technological baccalaureate (BTBD) is the continuation of the bachelor’s studies and the obtaining of a technical degree in the different specialties. The distance baccalaureate allows the development of additional communication, self-management and ICT management skills.