Meanings of Carpet

By | August 10, 2020

Coming from the Arabic language, carpet is a term that refers to a textile product that is used for covering the floor or a staircase. It is a fabric that can be made with different materials and that can have various diagrams or drawings.

For example: “Be careful with cookies, I don’t want the carpet to be full of crumbs”, “When I was a girl, I had a carpet with Disney characters in my room”, “Yesterday we bought a new carpet for the bedroom”.

The rugs are used for ornamental purposes and to provide warmth. They emerged in the Arab nations and, with the Crusades, they reached Europe. From the eighteenth century they began to become popular in western countries.

There are rugs of all sizes. The smallest, known as rugs, have their origins in the rugs used by nomadic peoples and, therefore, easily moved from one place to another. The largest rugs, on the other hand, are designed to be fixedly installed on the floor of an environment (a bedroom, a living room, a reception, etc.).

It is known as Persian carpet a native of the region that formerly was called Persia. These rugs are an important element of the culture and art of the East.

The flying carpet or magic carpet, according to Digopaul, is a fantasy textile piece that appears in legends and tales as a means of transportation: people stand on the carpet and it takes flight in the manner of an aircraft.

How to clean and maintain a carpet

Although the carpet is a decorative element widely used to give a warm and colorful touch to the different environments of the house, as well as to emphasize the corporate character of an office, it can become a nightmare for the person in charge of cleaning and maintaining it, especially when food or drink stains are difficult to remove.

Let’s see one of the homemade methods to clean any type of carpet without having to resort to expensive products, and that can be carried out in a short time. It is a trick that serves to remove bad odors, eliminate stains and germs, which we can use as part of the general cleaning routine of the house or office. The necessary elements are ammonia, warm water, a brush and a sprayer.

In the first place we must heat a liter of water until it warms up; it is important not to allow it to boil. Then we add about 100 ml of ammonia, mix everything well and pour it into the container of the sprayer. We already have a homemade and easy to make product, with which we can scrub any type of carpet. Once applied, it is not necessary to dry the surface with heat, it is enough to open the windows and let nature do its work.

Of course, all cases are not so simple. There are carpets that smell particularly bad, perhaps because they are very old or because they have never been treated properly; Whenever it is possible to roll them, we can resort to another homemade trick. For this we will need only a quantity of fine enough salt to spread it on the carpet.

Once this is done, it is time to roll it up slowly, making sure that there is not much space between turns, so that the salt does not fall out and can absorb bad smells, humidity and the occasional stain. After leaving it for at least a whole day, all you have to do is unroll the carpet and use the vacuum cleaner to remove all the salt.

If the carpet is attached to the floor, we can also take advantage of this advice, although given the impossibility of rolling it, we must gently and patiently press the salt against the surface before letting it act.