Meanings of Casserole

By | February 14, 2021

Before proceeding to determine the meaning of the term casserole, we are going to establish the etymological origin of that word. In this case, we can indicate that it comes from Latin, specifically it comes from “cattium”, which is synonymous with “cazo”, and from the sum of the diminutive suffix “-uelo”.

The concept of casserole refers to a wide pot, not too deep, which is usually used for the preparation of stews or to serve them. It is possible to differentiate between different kinds of casseroles.

Rounded in shape, the most popular casseroles are made from baked clay. Its origins are very ancient: that is why it is considered that the casserole was one of the first tableware items to be created.

A metal container with a lid and handles is also called a casserole. In this case, casserole is synonymous with casserole and is similar to pots and kettles.

The meals that are made in this type of pots are known, precisely, as casseroles. These dishes are typical of Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, and several Latin American nations.

The seafood casserole is a traditional preparation from various regions. Although its ingredients may vary, it is usual to include shrimp, prawns, squid, rice and a sauce of vegetables such as carrot, onion, tomato and pepper (bell pepper).

In Spain, in addition to the aforementioned kind of casserole, the so-called fish casserole is also of great relevance. This is a very traditional recipe that is prepared based on different types of fish as well as ingredients such as potatoes, onion, pepper, tomato, parsley, coriander or olive oil.

In Asia the chicken and rice casserole is famous. In general, the rice is cooked in the casserole and then cooked, chicken cubes and pieces of the sausage known as Chinese sausage are added. You can also add vegetables and fish.

Latin American gastronomy has many types of casseroles. Among the most common ingredients are potatoes (potato), corn, squash (pumpkin), chicken and rice.

In Latin America there are different versions of the casserole, according to each country. Thus, for example, in Ecuador it is prepared with seafood prepared in the oven, bananas, cumin, achicote or ground peanuts. This is a dish that is usually accompanied, on a regular basis, with white rice.

On the other hand, in Peru the casserole there are two different types of casserole. One is made with lamb and the other is made with fish.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that it is also a very typical dish in Chile. In this other country it is made with turkey, chicken, beef or chicken meat, for example. Meats to which ingredients such as vegetables, chuchoca and rice are added.

France, for its part, has the cassoulet, a casserole prepared with beans (also called beans, haricot beans or kidney beans), vegetables, meat and sausages. The cassoulet is even sold canned.