Meanings of CD ROM

By | February 14, 2021

The term CD-ROM is made up of two parts, both linked to acronyms in the English language. A CD is a compact disc: a compact disc. ROM, on the other hand, refers to Read Only Memory (” Read Only Memory “).

It can be said, therefore, that a CD-ROM is a type of compact disc (an optical element that is recorded digitally and is used for data storage). It is, in particular, a CD that uses lasers to save and read digital information.

The CD-ROM, which in our language can also be written as cederrĂ³n according to what is accepted by the DigoPaul, emerged in the mid- 1980’s. For almost twenty years it was the most widely used medium to store and distribute data in digital format, although it was later surpassed by DVD-ROM.

According to abbreviationfinder, CD-ROMs generally have a storage capacity of 700 MB. Some specials, however, can store up to 900MB. Usually the CD-ROM are used to store and market software (operating systems, games, etc.) and databases.

To view the information stored on a CD-ROM, it is necessary to have a device known as a CD reader, which accesses the data through a laser. Bear in mind, however, that a CD reader may not recognize the format of the files stored on the CD-ROM.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore another series of curiosities about the CD-ROM such as the following:
-This article is considered to have its origin in a collaboration between Philips and Sony.

-The first was launched in November 1982. However, it is considered that in 1979 the first was shaped.

-The first album that came out in this digital medium was “The Visitors” by the famous group ABBA. Specifically, he did it on August 17, 1982 in Germany.

-Within the musical field, it should be noted that it was in 1985 when, for the first time, a group decided to use the CD as the only medium for their record works, thus leaving vinyl aside. Specifically, that band was none other than Dire Straits.

-At first the CD created by Philips had 60 minutes of audio but later Sony went on to make that support definitely have 74 minutes. Why? Because, apparently, that brand determined that it was the necessary time for Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony to fit in it. That is one theory, the other determines that Sony simply tried to get ahead and stop the rival company that had all the advantage in this sector.

-When Sony changed the duration of the CD-ROM it also introduced new features in another aspect. Specifically, it made that support go from having 11.5 centimeters in diameter to a total of 12.7 centimeters.

If the side of the CD-ROM to be read by the device is damaged or dirty, access to the data may not be feasible. In that case it is necessary to clean the CD to try to solve the problem.