Meanings of Celebration

By | February 14, 2021

Celebration is a term originating from the Latin celebratĭo. The concept refers to the action of celebrating (celebrating, commemorating, praising, reverence, holding a meeting or act). For example: “As part of the celebration for the institution’s centenary, the neighbors were able to enjoy a concert by Marco Miguel Castro”, “I invite you to my birthday celebration: it will be next Friday at 5 p.m. Multicolor Hall ”, “ Two thousand policemen will be in charge of providing security during the celebration of the game ”.

A celebration, therefore, can be a party, an act or another type of festive event. Its objective is to remember or commemorate an event or honor a person. A birthday party, a meeting for the anniversary of the founding of a club or the inauguration of a new cultural center are examples of celebrations.

In addition, within the sports field, it is common to speak of celebration when referring to the way the teams celebrate the achievement of any relevant league championship or trophy. Thus, for example, we can establish that the Real Madrid football team has held a celebration in style on the occasion of having managed to add its tenth Champions League, after defeating Atlético de Madrid in the final.

The person who organizes the celebration is the host, who usually takes care of the expenses of the party. The host decides who to invite to their celebration, usually choosing from among their friends and family. Some celebrations are massive while others are smaller and more intimate.

Within the religious sphere, the term at hand is also used. Specifically, we speak of a penitential celebration to refer to all those commemorations that take place within the Church and that are very important for its faithful, such as Easter.

Also, within the field of cinema, there is a very important feature film whose title is precisely “The celebration”. In 1998 was when the world premiere of this film was held, directed by Danish director Thomas Vinterberg, which is recognized as the first of the well-known Dogma 95 movement, which is committed at all times not to resort to the use of technology or special effects.

This film brings us closer to a family celebration that turns into a tragedy. Specifically, it is counted as a family is celebrating the sixtieth birthday of the father. However, the whole party will fall apart when one of the children admits to those present that he abused him during his childhood and also his sister, who recently committed suicide.

The notion of celebration is also used synonymously with praise or acclaim. In this sense, celebrating someone or something means making a positive comment: “You don’t have to celebrate this type of behavior because it is dangerous”, “The play, although it did not end in a goal, was celebrated by the public”, “The The boy’s words were celebrated by his parents, who approved his opinions ”.