Meanings of Charity

By | July 27, 2019

Charity is the action or practice of doing good and helping the most needy without asking for anything in return.

The word beneficence derives from the Latin beneficicentia. Among the synonyms that can be used in reference to this term are: philanthropy, charity, help, humility, attention or favor.

Charity can be considered as a value that implies the willingness to help those who need it most selflessly. On the other hand, those who carry out this type of action are referred to as benefactors.

Now, charity is a practice that can be done by anyone who wishes to have a gesture of help with their neighbor. Therefore, it can be an individual as an organization or institution, public or private, who provides various resources or services in order to meet the needs of the most needy.

Charitable acts include donations of food, medicine, toys, clothing and footwear, among others. Likewise, medical services, educational talks, housing construction, schools, health centers, restitution of the operation of public services, among others.

In these charitable activities, a large number of volunteers are used to participate, who contribute their knowledge or resources and are willing to help others.

Being a benefactor is a vocation, hence it relates to philanthropy, that is, to love humanity in a selfless way.

For example, “The owners of the cement factory, after a public act of charity, began the construction of a sports center for all the residents of the community”; “I am a volunteer in charitable acts that are carried out in hospitals delivering medication.”

The benefactors who carry out these activities and promote them do so based on their sense of charity and kindness in order to generate a benefit and make those who receive their collaboration feel better.

In this sense, beneficence is an act of love for others, is selfless and only seeks common welfare.

On the other hand, there are many large companies that carry out charitable acts and help thousands of people with limited resources in different parts of the world and who go through different needs. After these acts both the benefactor and those who are helped, receive and give love.