Meanings of Famous

By | February 14, 2021

The first thing we are going to do is determine the etymological origin of the famous term that we are now dealing with. Thus, we can establish that it emanates from Latin, and more specifically from the noun “celeber”, which can be translated as “famous or illustrious”.

Famous is an adjective that refers to that or that which is famous (that is to say, that has fame). Fame, for its part, is the common voice of something or the opinion that people have of someone. For example: “The famous artist will be presented in the city on May 3”, “The most famous work of the painter is exhibited in the Louvre Museum”, “The authorities promised that the famous movie theater will be restored”.

The celebrity, therefore, is the attribute of the people that are known at the grassroots level and have a certain reputation. The famous personality captures the attention of much of society and the media. What a celebrity does or says is therefore in the public interest.

Also within history there are many famous people who have achieved that qualification for their work, their heroic acts, their defense of human rights or the works they have done. Specifically, among the most significant in this regard are the following:
• Albert Einstein. This German physicist has managed to become the most important scientist of the 20th century. The Nobel Prize he received in 1921 thus made clear the value of the one who, among other things, contributed to science the Theory of Relativity.
• Christopher Columbus. This Portuguese navigator has also become one of the most famous historical figures of all time since the Discovery of America is attributed to him in 1492.
• Ludwig van Beethoven. In his case, that name of famous has been given to him for the important contribution he made to the world of music. And it is that this German composer and pianist, despite his deafness, carried out the creation of a multitude of symphonies that became pillars of the genres that appeared later.
• William Shakespeare. His vast and magnificent literary work is what has made the English writer one of the pillars of this art of all time.

Artists (actors, singers, etc.), athletes and models are among the famous characters. Some people become famous casually or with little merit, while others become famous through their talent and effort.

Argentine footballer Lionel Messi, for example, became famous from a young age for his talent with the ball and for the achievements he made with his club (FC Barcelona). Singer Rebecca Black, on the other hand, gained celebrity for a song that was considered the “worst ever.

In some cases, celebrity status extends over the years and can span a person’s entire life. Actress Shirley Temple became famous at the age of three and now, in her 80’s, she is still a popular figure. Benji Gregory, on the other hand, was a famous child actor when he participated in “Alf”, but then he walked away from the media.