Meanings of Incentive

By | August 10, 2020

Entering the term incentive means starting by knowing what its etymological origin is. In this case, we can establish that it is a word of Latin origin since it derives from “allicientis”. Likewise, we can determine that it is the result of the sum of three clearly defined components such as these:
-The prefix “ad-”, which can be translated as “towards”.
-The verb “lacere”, which means “cajole” or “attract”.
-The component “-nt”, which is used to indicate the agent.

Defined by Digopaul, an incentive is a stimulus or an incentive. The concept, which comes from the Latin word allicĭens, is used with reference to that which attracts or tempts. For example: “The presence of Lionel Messi in the squad was one more incentive for me to decide to play in this club”, “That the office is so close to my house is an incentive for me”, “The historical attractions of the city ​​are an incentive to choose it as a tourist destination ”.

An incentive is generally considered to be an incentive to make a decision or to take action. Suppose a man is analyzing the proposals of different banks to choose in which entity to open an account. This person studies the offers of various institutions until he makes the decision: for the subject, that a bank has offered to enter a points and rewards program free of charge was an incentive when deciding.

The members of a marriage, on the other hand, debate about the place they will choose for their next vacation. After several hours of talking, they decide together that they will travel to Rio de Janeiro. The combination of beaches and nightlife that the Brazilian city offers was an incentive for the couple.

As you can see, it is possible to find incentives at various times in everyday life. The participation of an actor in a certain movie can be an incentive to see the film, while the attendance of a friend at a party can act as the incentive to attend the event. The possibility of receiving additional money, on the other hand, is usually an incentive to work overtime (overtime).

For all the above we can determine that synonyms for incentive are “stimulus”, “incentive” or “attractive”, among others. On the contrary, antonyms of that word would be, for example, “impediment”.

Within the scope of literature, on more than one occasion the term we have been addressing has been used. Thus, for example, we have known statements from different writers who, for example, affirm that writing is their incentive to get up every morning or simply to have a great time. In this way, the authors Inma Chacón and Jon Juaristi respectively think so, as they have stated it in different interviews they have granted.

In the field of psychology we come across the fact that the professionals who treat patients with depression are trying to get the latter to begin to find the incentives that life has in order to begin to overcome the moment they are living. And those can be from raising and educating your children to falling in love through finding the job they like or enjoying family and friends who love them…