Meanings of ISO

By | April 27, 2019

The word ISO is the abbreviation of several words in English that refers to the International Standardization Organization. The ISO, as explained on, is responsible for shaping and promoting a system that allows the international standardization of a large number of products and also covers various areas.

The birth of the International Standardization Organization dates back to 1946, when several representatives from different countries, approximately twenty-five delegates, by virtue of the globalization that was already appearing for the date and the commercial exchange that already existed, the need arises adopt measures that regulate the standardization of various characteristics of products such as safety, environment, health, etc.

The ISO is responsible for promoting the parameters and standards that must be met by the manufacturing, communication and trade of several industrial branches and that also serve the quality of the production processes, control of companies and international organizations that are dedicated to the improvement of The quality and safety of products in the world.

It is important to emphasize that the application and adaptation of the norms and parameters related to the quality and safety in the production and commercialization processes of the goods and services are voluntary, that is, they are only applied by those industries and companies that really want improve its control of production and industrial safety, which in turn always gives added value to the final product, which allows it to enter the most diverse international markets, since they comply with said safety and production parameters and standards.

The various national standards or standardization bodies located in the different countries of our planet, are responsible for issuing certifications of compliance with ISO standards or quality standards by different participants in the industrial field, such is the case of AFNOR in France, EVS in Estonia, UNI in Italy, ICONTEC in Colombia, IRAM in Argentina, SENCAMER in Venezuela or INN in Chile etc.

Currently, the organization is constituted by the union of 157 institutions or collaborators, in addition it is located in Switzerland specifically in the city of Geneva, where both delegations of several governments of the world work together, as well as private entities that are dedicated to specialization and Improvement of production control, quality and safety standards of the different varieties of products that we can find in our universe.

ISO 9000 and 9001

The International Organization for Standardization is responsible for developing and promoting standards that serve as parameters in the international field of quality in products, services, production systems and materials that are used for the evaluation of the finished product, as well as the evaluation of the processes and the implementation of new procedures that provide greater safety and quality according to the materials of the product, good or service.

In this sense, ISO 9000 and 9001 are a set of preventive actions, to guarantee a service or a product. What this translates is that the product, good or service they are offering complies with the regulations related to quality and safety, which provides greater confidence and safety in the product as it continued with what was established in the Committee of the International Organization Standardization and is certified by the various organizations in the world that are dedicated to endorse such compliance.

It is noteworthy, that ISO standards are already very common in our day to day, which means that their use, knowledge and / or application can be found in very basic contexts of our daily lives, such as in an advertising of a product , in the organisms in charge of protecting the consumers of a specific country since this can make the difference between one product and another, specifically in its quality and therefore in its value or price destined to the general public.

ISO file

An ISO is an informational file where a CD or DVD image of a file is stored. The ISO image is one of the most popular formats for file distribution over the Internet as it facilitates downloading and future data recording.