Meanings of Jealousy

By | February 14, 2021

Before knowing the meaning of the term jealousy, we have to discover the etymological origin of that word. Specifically, we can establish that it derives from the Latin noun “zelus”, which can be translated as “zeal” or “ardor”. Noun that, in turn, comes from the Greek “zelos”, which is synonymous with “passion”.

The concept of zeal can be used in various ways. Zeal can be the effort, care or care that a person dedicates to an action or an activity. For example: “I kept this book zealously for more than half a century”, “My father takes great care of his car: he would never lend it to me”, “There is no point in cleaning with such zeal if you have two dogs in the house.

The idea of ​​jealousy, on the other hand, refers to what an individual feels when he considers that he may lose someone he considers his own. Jealousy generally appears when feeling that a loved one is paying too much attention to another person, decreasing in return the interest shown by one.

Let’s suppose that a young man named Matías is dating Patricia. For work reasons, Patricia often meets a lot with another man named Sergio. Faced with those frequent encounters and the constant phone calls that Sergio makes to Patricia, Matías begins to feel jealous. The boy fears that Patricia is romantically interested in Sergio and that she may even establish a relationship with him.

It must be established that there are a series of signs that are considered to indicate that a person is jealous. We are referring to the following:
-It is not good for your partner to carry out personal activities that amuse him and make him have a great time.
-Take up your partner’s mobile phone to find out with the people he talks to.
-Do not hesitate, if you can, to consult your partner’s social networks.
-Makes fun of your partner in front of others.
-Prevent your partner from being with family or friends.
-It interferes in the way of dressing, combing or putting on makeup of your partner.
When jealousy reaches these or other limits of similar characteristics, what is taking place is a really toxic situation that can lead to events such as physical or mental violence.

For psychology, jealousy is an emotional response to the perception of a threat (the possibility of losing an interpersonal bond). When jealousy becomes pathological, the jealous person cannot be happy since he lives tormented by what he feels. Even in extreme cases, he can act violently towards the individual he loves (and whom he is jealous of).

In the same way, we cannot ignore that there are many songs that exist and that have the word that concerns us in their titles. An example of this is the composition “Celos”, performed by the Spanish artist Tamara. That single was presented in 1999 and is part of the album “Gracias”.

Finally, heat is called the sexual appetite of an animal and the time in which it manifests itself: “The dogs are a bit aggressive since they are in heat”, “I could not sleep because of the noise that the cats made in zeal ”.