Meanings of Matchmaker

By | February 14, 2021

Matchmaker is a concept with several uses. When it derives from the character of the tragicomedy starring Melibea and Calisto, the DigoPaul indicates in its dictionary, it refers to a person who contributes so that two people establish a sentimental couple.

A matchmaker, therefore, is a woman who helps, in some way, to establish a romantic bond. Suppose a young woman organizes a dinner at her house, inviting her brother who is single and a friend who also has no boyfriend. The intention of the young woman is that her brother and her friend get to know each other, since she believes that they have a lot in common. In that first meeting, the brother and the girl’s friend get along and then they start dating. Several weeks later they formalize their courtship and years later, they get married. The young woman who organized that first dinner, therefore, was the couple’s matchmaker.

Ironically, on the other hand, the notion of matchmaker is used to name the individual who promotes or facilitates contacts for the establishment of economic, political or other agreements.

There is also a mineral called celestine. A bluish, comprises ftrontian sulfate and part of the set of barytes.

A bird with a yellowish body and bluish or greenish wings and the plants of scientific name Jasminum fruticans and Achillea millefolium are also known as celestine.

Finally, the aforementioned Calisto and Melibea tragicomedy, attributed to the Spanish playwright Fernando de Rojas, as well as a film and an opera inspired by the play, are mentioned under the title “La Celestina.

In the year 1499 it was when this work was published that it became prohibited in Spain, which has caused numerous controversies regarding its authorship and which has become a benchmark within Spanish literature of all time.

On numerous occasions it has been taken to the “La Celestina” theater. However, among the most important representations, the one carried out in 1940, under the direction of Cayetano Luca de Tena and featuring Julia Delgado Caro as the protagonist, and the attack in 1958 stand out. The latter was directed by José Tamayo and was The Lope de Vega Theater Company commissioned it. Adaptation that two decades had a new version with the great actress Julia Gutiérrez Caba as the protagonist.

It is also interesting to know that the Malaga painter Pablo Picasso himself gave prominence to the procurer of “La Celestina” in one of his paintings. Specifically, in 1904 he made a portrait in which that one appears.

Within the musical field, in addition to an opera, it should be noted that there are two songs that deal with the aforementioned tragicomedy. One was presented in 1997, is entitled “La Celestina” and is the work of the singer Lhasa de Sela, who includes it in an album entitled “La llorona”.

The other was presented in 1999 by the singer-songwriter Javier Krahe and is entitled “Body of Melibea”. He was part of the record work entitled “Pain of throat”.