Meanings of Pliers

By | August 10, 2020

With etymological roots in the Arabic language, the term pliers is used to name a tool that allows you to take, grab, mold or cut different elements. This pincer has two arms so that the person can manipulate it (opening and closing it); from the other end it ends in a point.

For example: “I am going to look for a plier to wind the wire”, “I need a plier to hold the cable while I work”, “Juan removed the nails with the help of a plier”.

There are different types of pliers. The Stork pliers, also called pliers pointed or needle nose pliers, is used to cut, bend and hold. These pliers allow work with wires and cables and, thanks to their tip, they can enter small cavities where the fingers, due to size, cannot enter.

A locking pliers or clamp pressure, moreover, serves to immobilize one piece. In this way, the task of removing or twisting it is simplified. These pliers, which in some parts of the American continent are also known as single-men or bitch pliers, do not have the typical pliers design, which have two identical handles.

In one of them there is a bolt, with which it is possible to establish the separation distance that we want for the jaws. The other is usually a lever, which is used to press on the two handles and get the tool to disengage. Having the jaws closed, you should set a size barely less than that of the part you want to hold, and for this it is necessary to turn the bolt, which in some models has grooves to manipulate it with a screwdriver or a hexagonal wrench, with the Aim to increase grip pressure.

The cutting pliers combine pressure and cutting edge to precisely cut objects of different characteristics. In this case, the cable or wire to be cut must be placed between the pliers and then press with the handles.

Cutting a cable with pliers is a relatively simple task; however, peeling it is much more complicated, since it requires a higher level of precision, to avoid an unwanted cut. In this case, it is necessary to control the force that we print on the plier handles, so that the edge affects only the protective mesh of the cable, and not the copper wires that are under it.

Given the shape of most pliers used for this purpose, it is not possible to make a cut along the entire perimeter of the cable with a single attempt, since the blades are not circular, but straight; For this reason, it is recommended to rotate the cable and apply a little pressure at each step, until the mesh separates into two parts. Only then is it appropriate to start pulling the end that we want to strip.

The pliers nail work similarly, although its form is adapted to allow cutting nails. The person should place the nail between the pliers of the tool and then apply pressure. The edge of the pliers, which are usually made of steel, will make the operation possible.

There are many people who do not recommend the use of the pliers to cut the nails, since they point out different disorders that they can cause in the fingers; It goes without saying that these are not serious consequences, but rather alterations in the shape of the nails that may be unsightly. For this reason, they prefer scissors specially designed for this purpose, which are much less aggressive and allow greater control, to achieve different finishes.