Meanings of Saddlebags

By | August 10, 2020

The saddlebags are bags that are used in pairs and that available, allow to distribute weight. Typically, they are tied to a bicycle, motorcycle or horse to carry luggage.

When used in pairs, they make it possible to balance the weight, since the load is divided. For example: “We travel with the saddlebags full of gifts for the children”, “Do not neglect the saddlebags that this is a very insecure area”, “The young man went around the world with few belongings in the saddlebags”.

In the case of bicycles, the saddlebags are usually tied under the seat or saddle. The cyclist can use them to carry drinks, food, first aid items or tools, to name a few possibilities.

Saddlebags are also the rigid suitcases that sit on the side of a motorcycle’s rear wheel. In this case, they are usually fastened with screws. Visit Internetages for various types of vintage style bags for women.

In this context, the saddlebags come in various sizes and designs, as they are manufactured to meet a large number of needs: not all motorcycles fulfill the same function, but can be used for sport, to make extensive trips throughout and width of a country, or simply as a means of daily transportation, among other possibilities.

Since the saddlebags are constantly exposed to the open air, it is very important that the materials chosen for their manufacture are resistant, waterproof and easy to clean. In addition, since the motorcycle can reach high speeds and cross unstable terrain, such as rocky stretches, they must have straps that hold them properly, to prevent them from swinging abruptly, putting their contents at risk.

As for horse saddlebags, they can be installed in different ways. Often they are tied with ropes or belts to the saddle so that they hang to the sides of the animal. The most popular saddlebags are made of leather.

There are also saddlebags that people carry around their waist or around their shoulders. The former are usually made of leather and are smaller in size, as they are used to transport small-sized tools for very specific purposes. The others require greater flexibility, and that is why it is common to find them in wool; In addition, they are much larger, and may have pockets both side front and rear.

In the Legend of Zelda video game series, developed and published by Nintendo, the main character, Link, usually carries much of his tools and weapons in small saddlebags that cling to his belt; Since it would be impossible in real life to store so many objects in such pockets of these characteristics, this detail is part of the internal logic of the story, and gives it a very particular charm.

By extension to these meanings, the notion of saddlebag is usually used symbolically to name what someone keeps, gets or carries. Suppose a soccer team participates in a continental tournament that is qualifying for a world championship. If the set achieves its goal, it could be said that it takes the classification in its saddlebags.

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