Meanings of Technical Drawing

By | September 18, 2022

A drawing is a figure, image or delineation that is usually done manually with the help of some tool (a pencil, a brush) on different materials. The concept of technician, on the other hand, refers to a procedure linked to science whose objective is to obtain a certain result.

The graphic representation system of different types of objects is known as a technical drawing. Its purpose is to provide the necessary information to analyze the object, help its design and enable its construction or maintenance.

Technical drawing is a representation system. See Abbreviation Finder for acronyms related to technical drawing.

The help of technology

Technical drawing can be developed with the help of computers. There are certain programs (software) that allow projections and calculations that facilitate drawing. As for manual instruments, the most common are rulers, squares and compasses.

Architecture, for example, is a science that appeals to technical drawings. A building can be represented in plan (with a top view, roof view, etc.) or elevation (front view, side view), with clarifications about its dimensions in the plans. In this case, we speak of architectural drawing.

In this sense, it is also necessary to clarify that the plan is the representation of the object that is made on what would be a horizontal term. And also in the technical drawing, it is usual to bet on presenting this, or the elevation, together with a series of fundamental indications to be able to understand that in the most exact way possible.

This means that any drawing of this type is accompanied, in addition to the aforementioned dimensions, by the corresponding dimensions. These can be of size, position or location, fundamentally.

In architecture, technical drawing is often used.

Types of technical drawing

Among the many types of technical drawing we could highlight, for example, the geological drawing which, as its name suggests, is used in the field of Geology and Geography for issues such as working on mining sites or representing the different layers of the Earth..

Other types of technical drawings are the mechanical drawing (representing pieces or parts of machines), the electronic drawing (the representation of circuits), the electrical drawing (the delineation of the electrical installations of an architectural structure) and the urban drawing (used to organize the development of urban centers).

Technical drawing can include sketches, schematics, diagrams, plans, and other types of representations. Geometric concepts and notions of mathematics are often used to work successfully with scale and perspective.

A subject

In the same way, we must not forget that Technical Drawing is a subject that is taught at different levels within the Spanish educational system. With it, it is intended that students not only learn certain theoretical concepts, such as vocabulary, related to said discipline, but also a series of abilities and manual skills to undertake the realization of this type of drawings.

Specifically, in the 1st and 2nd years of Baccalaureate, this subject is taught and for its development, as well as for student learning, there are interactive resources such as various web applications that the Ministry incorporates on its website. of Education and Science.

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