Meanings of Welfare

By | May 17, 2019

Welfare is the state of the human person in which he is made sensible proper functioning of its somatic and psychic activity.

As such, the term refers to a state of personal satisfaction, or comfort that provides the individual with economic, social, labor, psychological, biological satisfaction, among others.

However, welfare is a subjective state since the human being being so diverse and different has different ways of perceiving what a welfare situation may be, which means that what for a person could be a welfare situation for another might not be, so it will depend on each one to differentiate whether he feels in a beneficial state or not.

For example, for some people the welfare state is represented by having a good car, good employment, dressing with a brand, good vacations, good interpersonal relationships, family, among others.

Finally, the term welfare appears for the first time in the sixteenth century to designate the satisfaction of physical needs, while in the eighteenth century this term refers to the material situation that allows to meet the needs of existence.

Social welfare

Social welfare is a set of elements that allows the individual to possess a level of quality of life. In the same term it includes monetary wealth (economic welfare), access to goods and services, freedom, pleasure, innovation, mental health, etc.

In reference to this point, the State has the obligation to provide its inhabitants with social welfare, which is fundamental to the implementation of political measures that allow the redistribution of income and the development of public services for the social welfare of society.

Physical welfare

Physical welfare is the global condition of the human body in relation to pathologies and physical capacity.

The individual must take care of and invest in their health, since their body affects their physical activities and their quality of life, which is why it is essential to have a balanced diet, perform physical exercises, reduce excess alcoholic beverages, avoid using of drugs, cigars, etc`.

Mental Wellness

Mental welfare is the mental balance between the internal and external experiences. The healthy individual, with mental health, seeks to be well in their social environment, to live the fullness of life accepting their emotions and to handle the different types of emotions.

Labor welfare

Work welfare can be seen as the desired state by the individuals that make up an organization, being the one in charge of creating different projects or programs that seek to protect the social rights and interests of employees.

State welfare

The welfare state is the set of measures or policies developed by a government with the objective of providing opportunities to be exploited by all citizens, such as education, housing, food, among other services.

This term was coined from 1945 in the postwar period of World War II.