Meet the Cyclist Johan Olsson

Road: we celebrate Swedish World Championship gold to dig out an interview with skier Johan Olsson from 2013. Did you know that he is practicing a lot on the bike? And feel free to follow the Giro d’Italia on the telly.

“It was like coming to a set table”
The triumph at the World Cup 50 km event at Val di Fiemme went straight into all the Swedish sporting heart. Precisely because the Swede pulled it off like no one thought possible. Bicyclings Niklas Instedt met Johan Olsson – feat skiers who love to ride.

While the current Olympic season (Winter Olympics in Sochi will be inaugurated on February 7) started in May with national team camp on Mallorca has managed to remain injury-free Olsson and unusually kry. An early season that promises to be his most intensive training.
“When I prepare myself before my last winter at the elite level, I want to make it to 110%, and not leave anything to chance. I have during the spring and summer, simply wanted to see how much I can and have the energy to work out, “said the skier when Bicycling meet him at home at the kitchen table in Östersund.

You’re not afraid to burn too much powder?
“I feel I am capable of much and dare to invest, sacrifices which of course could mean a failure. A balancing act we must have the courage to expose yourself to if you want to succeed at world level.

When the yellow and blue squad came together at Mallorca was not just on roller skis. There was also a lot of hunting by bike along the island’s steep twisting roads.
“When we in the team puts us on the bikes, it becomes immediately Cockfighting, unlike when we go roller skiing where everyone knows who is good at what. It wont be hours of tokkörning with added sprints and bergspriser. Far from being an ideal way to practice bike on, although the passports in the end always gets insanely hard.

You are among those who win the mountain Prize?
– Yes, but in spring it hangs a lot on who had time to train hard or not. But it will be really long and tough climbs, I usually and Marcus (Haahaa) keep us ahead of the game, and we do well even when it goes sharply uphill on skis, because we do not belong to the heavyweights, says the national team’s Chief mountain goat.

For Olsson has cycling become a pleasurable but also the necessary element of training to keep the embattled body in such a condition, injury-free as possible. When he recently was pulled with a painful Achilles tendon was cycle the only thing he could do in the way of exercise.
– In the physical sense is running closer to the classical skiing, even if it wears far more on the body. After a five-hour workouts on the bike, I’m usually so tired that I can barely stand, it will be a hell of a stimulus on the legs, and then it’s the couch. Tours are welcome to be hilly, so that you can stand up and pedal and really work on your upper body so that oxygen uptake will be up and running.

For about twenty years ago, it would hardly be conceivable for a Swedish ski team to go to Mallorca to go cycling in the mountains, but as training hours for the world’s elite ski soared has also increased the need for alternative forms of exercise. If the accident is well ahead of the game, however, it plays a lesser role what form of exercise you choose, as when O’connor some time ago then steeping on his head in connection with a running sessions in Northern Italy.
“I think I’ve started dragging my feet for me, when I last summer stumbled several times during serial sessions. In Toblach, I set the knee directly on a sharp stone who shared the skin over the kneecap. It’s got to go in and sew directly.

How many training days were lost?
I took the safe than sorry and went home to rest for a week, something I could afford me given the training period I had in the back. I felt that the margins were there, “he says, which just completed a highly intense period with very backintervaller.

Your early season lasts for nearly seven months – how can you keep the steam up? Does it matter where you are when you exercise?
“It wont help if I divide the exercise into theme periods. Occasionally there will be an emphasis on bicycle and less focus on jogging and roller skiing, for the upcoming week, run more strength training. It will be more fun and less monotonous when you switch and get into more serious for some stuff.

Does it matter where you are when you exercise? 
– Being several weeks on the high coast in summer spur me tremendously. A fitness friendly environment with lots of hills and nature, where we also have the benefit of support from Anna’s parents House there. They pamper us by helping with her daughter Molly, and cooking, anything that raises the level of exercise.

The closer racing season he comes the harder getting passports. It’s about challenging himself – and suffer. Exercises Olsson made one of their specialty.
“We have to find enough tough but at the same time, low-impact exercise. The band is a great indoor ski gear. With the standardised conditions prevailing there tarnishing the muscles properly, and I never have to set up a passport because of heavy rain.

To watch heart rate watch after the passports means the jackpot every time, arguing the skier who prefers to work out on their own.
– Definitely. Trying to know what speed you can keep without going over the limit and threshold, it suits me. The speed strap gauges showing at one moment, I try to always hit at the next. When you practice as the hardest, is five strokes from the maximum heart rate, have tunnel vision and can’t count to three to one is so extremely tired–oddly enough, it is a beautiful State to be in.

You find yourself in the torturous?
– To fight against their own fatigue threshold is tough, but at the same time, something you can’t wait to make again. The motivation to beat the old version of itself is actually bigger than winning a race. Where is the strongest driving force.

To Skultunakillen – who has lived in Sweden for 20 years – hides a genuine bike interest revealed among other things of his cycle selections-a rödsvart Bianchi Oltre with electrical switches. He has repeatedly plagued themselves up the Passo dello Stelvio-classic Giro d ́Italia environment – and said Calobras steep climbs on Mallorca. Following the mountain stages of the Giro also belongs to festive moments.
– Combat in mountains and the tactical game riders between them, it is very interesting to follow, especially when Eurosport Roberto Vacchi comments. I think his way of talking about the sport have set off on the bike interests, in the same way as SVT’s Winter Studio meant a lot of cross-country skiing, “he says when it suddenly rings at the door.

His wife Anna opens for a male who says he comes from the Swedish Sports Confederation and was wondering if it is possible to do a doping test.
– We should be able to organize, “said Johan who then disappear into the guest bathroom, leaving the door slightly ajar to appease the controller. A day at the Office for the skier, I think while the stranger takes care of the fresh urinet, fill out a form, and then leave.

Will it float on with the sport, it is important that the distractions are kept to a minimum, and that life is not just about stress and obligations, but also of joy and inspiration. Give flavor to life definitely makes her daughter Molly, two and a half years, dazed after a sömnpass take the resurrection in the apartment with the row.

Something that amused spouse lately, the project is daring to choose own tracks – a book about the skier’s life’s big and small topics, written in collaboration with mental coach Stig Wiklund and author Anna Olsson, which comes out at the end of november.
“It’s been a very enjoyable work, have the opportunity to remember and see what actually happened in one’s career.

What have you seen?
– I now is much calmer than I was ten years ago. It was only when I found serenity in everyday life, when I let the shoulders sink down and didn’t need to be skiers 24 hours a day, that success began to grow.

You found the focus?
“Previously, I had his head under his arm. When I train today, I give 100 percent from minute one, for two and a half hours ahead. I have a harmony that makes me feel comfortable both with the skiing and life, “says the 33-year-old who barely can train without music in your ears.

– As the leaves yellowed I have replaced Håkan Hellström towards Bon Iver, a band whose progressions in a good way melts together with the frosty autumn landscape. But lately I’ve also been Norwegian and new acquaintance Thomas Dybdahl in the headset, you know he as seen in Skavlan. It has become almost a must, to have a sound carpet covering over flåset so that you get a little Rocky Balboa-feeling, “he says laughing before the music track is rounded.
– There are research reports showing that it improves their endurance with a few percent through music. During the competition it is difficult with the music, but on the other hand, there are many other input-plaster that allows the inspiration going into the ceiling. Then it’s always ten out of ten.

When autumn and winter takes over, it is very worth to seize the day few bright hours – in particular as long as the ground is not yet covered by snow.
“I had a great ride on the racing bike the other day – a windless, frosty morning with three, four degrees below zero in weaknesses. It was sunny, clear and the air is high.Along the eight mile I met maybe four cars. It was probably the best pass is valid for the whole year.

His strongest competition is obviously the World Cup 50 km event at Val di Fiemme in cycling featured on ITYPETRAVEL. We followed the contest knew that the Swede was in good form, but also that the conditions were not the most encouraging: a classical 50 km will be held with the joint start of course would benefit the explosive Norwegian and Russian skaters. But bronze medallist from Vancouver 2010 wanted more. Pressure came after 28 minutes, and then it was fast, very fast.

“It was in the Hill I had planned to go, even if I did it earlier than planned. Once I noticed that I was alone, I thought “now I run, I get see”. I had incredibly lightweight bones, just as it should be when you are in top form. It was like coming to a set table, says O’connor on feat.

The hilly and really tough course was in no way ideal for hängåkarna in the peloton, however, benefited individually powerful runners for the day, in addition to O’connor, also the runner-up Dario Cologna, and third-place Alexey Poltoranin. Despite a sore groin and bursae yesterday preparations for the Sochi Olympics as a charm. February 14 is the date when all tuner – which is the starting point for the 15 km in the classical style. When will we know if the forces sufficient to Olsson should be able to beat the old version of himself.