Muscles “Large and Small”, Some Points to Have in Mind

If you ask any of those who usually attended a gym to train reply us that what he wants is in general increase the volume of your muscles. Normally we do not make distinctions between one kind or another, and it is that We know that there are small and large muscles they have qualities or other.

It is understood by those large muscles that have more breadth and therefore containing more fibers exerting greater thus strength. Small muscles are completely the opposite. This can not measure them by the same standard, and we have to take into account several things when it comes to train some muscles or others to avoid overloading and bad development is.

An example of muscles large they are the pectoral, buttocks, the femoral… These muscles they endure more pressure to the little ones. That’s why his training can be more intense than other muscle groups. When working them can perform up to 4 or 5 workouts with 4 each. The weight that we will rise will be higher, because they are muscles that need more stimulus to grow.

The results in this type of muscles are faster than others which are smaller. In addition, the weight gain that we raise will be constant, since they are muscle groups that grow with ease and significantly increase its strength.

On the other hand we have the small muscles that are more sensitive and therefore we have to put special care into their training. Some of the most prominent are the deltoids, biceps, triceps… They are muscle groups that contain less surface and therefore less fibers. The degree of resistance tends to be smaller, so we can overtrain easily.

It is important that the exercises aimed to work these muscles are not too aggressive. The ideal is to make 2 or 3 exercises for each one of them with 3 or 4 series each year. In any case we can reach fatigue the muscle. In addition, the weight will always be less than that which we use for larger muscles.

The development of these muscles can be just as spectacular as the of the largest ever and when work them correctly, and it’s very important to know to isolate the muscle in question, that being small is not normally the one who intervenes in the weight lifting. Hence the importance that has not spend with the weights not cogs in scene other muscle groups that carried out the exercise rather than the group we are interested.