New York Gran Fondo – Petter Shaved Your Legs?

Road: soon to be our columnist Petter Alexis make debut in New York Gran Fondo along with some of the Bicyclings readers and additional 7,000 cyclists from all over the world. For Petter waiting a half marathon as heating in Brooklyn. We have just spoken to him and his coach Andreas Danielsson.

Maybe we need to start with the most important of all – have Petter shaved your legs?
— You can be so sure. Today he has experienced what it feels like when the wind caresses a nyputsad skin. It sat far inside, he made great resistance, but in the end, he decided to take the whole task very seriously and gave himself a dressing-down, says Andreas and laughs.

How do you think Peter has evolved in recent times?
– I am impressed over both his approach and development. He has indeed cycled a lot in his life, but never really on the highway-above all no longer distances. This race is still 170 kilometers with over 3 000 meters of altitude by total climbing. There’s nothing to blow your nose out anyway. At least not if you want that to happen with a taste for more. In addition to Petter practiced very well, he has also completed the Bicycling Carrera vårklassiker and lidingöloppet MTB which a little heating. My understanding is that he is ready for the start and well prepared, “said Andreas.

How is the mood in New York?
“We have a really nice bunch with some readers with us here on the test ride, and now it feels like we are going to switch it up for next year and then make a real storresa to this competition. Today, we were guided around the Central Park of Erik record that emigrated to the United States from Sweden a few years ago. It’s actually the first time I ride my bike in the Park and it’s nothing short of unbelievable that they manage to keep such a fine finish in the middle of town, which among other things provides a ten-kilometer long laps which is totally free of cars for much of the day, “says Andreas.

Are you ready for the task, Petter?

“Yes, shoot, what a fucking weekend I have in front of me. I will be so sick tired on Sunday night. But it’s going to be tremendous fun. I have awesome respect for the task, and I will take it easy. Because it is the first time in my life that I do something like this, there is only one goal-to survive the hell.
We are, of course, Peter, Andrew and our test group the best of luck on Sunday and looks forward to a report from the saddle after the race.