Practice Revenue: Learn How to Make Homemade Granola

Have prepared for you a recipe for homemade granola which in addition to very cheap is well balanced in nutrients. Whether you’re an athlete, trekker, climber or a biker weekend, nutrition is very important for your good performance.

Cereals are high in fiber and complex carbohydrates. The fibers help control cholesterol levels as well as collaborate with the formation with the proper functioning of the intestine. Carbohydrates provide energy required that the rider needs to your exercise.

See how easy it is to prepare your homemade granola:

Wheat germ-100 g
Wheat bran-50 g
Sugar-free corn flakes-350 g
Oat flakes-200 g
Almonds-50 g
Raisin-100 g
Flaxseed – 50 g
Honey-two tablespoons

Income of 900 g

Melt in a large pan with low heat, a dessert spoon of butter. As soon as you melt the butter, add the oats and stir over low heat until the oats are golden. Move without stopping.

Add all other ingredients-corn flakes finally – and move slowly, always on a low heat. Then add honey slowly, always stirring. Note: the honey cannot heat up too much in order not to lose their properties. Honey has only the function of forming a League and join the smaller ingredients (seeds, oatmeal, Bran). You can’t be too wet.

Remove from the Pan, let cool and store in a wide-mouth glass. Keep tightly closed.

Serve with milk (skim or whole wheat), fruit juice or yogurt.


The energy value of each serving-a cup of tea (80 g) – is 317 Kcal, distributed as follows:

69% of carbohydrates
21% fat
10% protein


  • To ingest the granola, keep in mind that you will need to consume more water.Try to moisturize more when consuming this mixture;
  • The almond can be replaced by hazelnut, cashew nuts and, in the latter case, a peanut (covers all other flavour);
  • The recipe can be adapted to your personal taste.You can add banana chips (dried banana slices and roasted), buckwheat, sesame seed, candied fruit, dried apricot, prune. All ingredients easily found in supermarkets, health food stores or local markets.