Rack For Caravan For Less Than Two Euros

One thing I’ve seen a lot in campsites are the clotheslines for caravans that are inserted into the handles by trasera.Como part I saw that most are clearly handmade, try one myself fabricarme. That’s how I did it .

Although the hackneyed rope from a tree to another may be sufficient, it is possible that we do not have any close. Also in many campsites it is forbidden to tie ropes to trees (absurd thing because nobody pays any attention). Anyway and since caravans usually have at least four meters wide, we can try to couple them a clothesline to our caravan at the rear.

These clotheslines can buy or make yourself which gives more satisfaction and help kill the dead hours at the campsite.

Materials needed: a broomstick, clothesline four eyebolts and pliers. Approximate cost less than 2 € in Chinese.

Construction and obviously is very simple .. nailed two eyebolts in each separated by a foot stick.

And then we cut in half the thread and go through each of the eyebolts, putting each of the sticks by the handle of the caravana.tal and as seen in the first image.


To fold roll up the rope on one of the sticks. He will take up very little room.


We have our simple but effective drying rack for caravan. .se could complement with notches for the clubs do not move, but it broomsticks are not just resistant and so I preferred not to do.

Here we have another more elaborate clothesline mine .. but I had to do emergency ..


In addition you get tired of the you can always turn your caravan clothesline to a deadly weapon ..

The nunchaku !!!!!