Ride of Hope Slopes on the New Notification Procedure

Road: It is first-come, first-served registrations for the 70 seats to Ride of hope’s helpaket next year. Organizer abandons the idea that those who collect the most money to the children’s cancer Foundation would get priority access to the sites.

Ride of hope’s helpaket for the race between Lund and Stockholm cost 6 200 SEK. This includes starting in all stages, nine nights, and a set of clothes. 2013 there will be about 70 seats to this offer, and demand is high. So big that the promoter thought about letting scenes go to those who can raise the most money to the children’s cancer Foundation. The individual collection would last for four months.

But it will be first-come, first-served principle applies even in years. Billy Ydefjäll is one of the organizers and explains the previously envisioned:

– Then there are more people who want to run all stages than the number of places at our hotels, we wanted to try some different options. One was to create involvement by private collection. We have listened to our participants and concluded that allow first-come be the Ride of Hope.

In addition, the new route Stockholm-Umeå-opportunity for more students to choose packages with overnight stays and start. There are also unlimited opportunities to sign up stage for stage and solve their own overnight.

– Since we would like that all support the are children by creating their own fundraisers yet. Together we are struggling for life! Ydefjäll says

Application opens immediately after the Spin of Hope, namely at the beginning of april.