Rockingham County, New Hampshire

By | July 5, 2023

Rockingham County is located in the southeastern part of New Hampshire and has a population of 297,820 people. The county seat is Brentwood, which is the largest town in the county. Rockingham County has an area of 892 square miles and is mostly suburban with some rural areas. The population density is 334 people per square mile. The majority of the population is white (91%), followed by Hispanic (4%), African American (2%), Asian (1%), and Native American (1%). The median household income in Rockingham County is $81,814 and the poverty rate stands at 5%. This number reflects a lower than average unemployment rate for the county which stands at 3%, compared to 8% nationally. Education levels are higher than average with 44% of adults over 25 having a bachelor’s degree or higher compared to 32% nationally. This could be due to the access to higher education opportunities available in more urban areas like Rockingham County. Since 2010, Rockingham County has experienced significant growth with an increase of 10% in population size over that time period.

History of Rockingham County, New Hampshire

Rockingham County is located in the southeastern part of New Hampshire and has a long and interesting history. The area was first settled by Europeans in 1623 when the town of Portsmouth was founded. In 1769, the county was established as one of five original counties in New Hampshire. During the American Revolution, Rockingham County was a hotbed of activity for both sides of the conflict. The Battle of Bennington took place there in 1777, and many notable figures such as George Washington, John Paul Jones, and William Prescott all visited the county during this time period.

The 19th century saw incredible growth for Rockingham County with an influx of immigrants from Ireland and France as well as other parts of Europe. This growth led to a population boom that continues today. Industry also flourished during this time period with manufacturing becoming an important part of the economy. The Merrimack River provided an ideal location for mills and other factories to be built, leading to further economic growth in the area.

Today, Rockingham County is home to several towns and cities including Brentwood, Exeter, Hampton Beach, Portsmouth, Salem, Seabrook Beach, Somersworth and more. It is a popular tourist destination due to its beaches along the Atlantic coast as well as its historical sites such as Fort Constitution Historic Site and Strawbery Banke Museum. The county also has several state parks including Bear Brook State Park and Pawtuckaway State Park which offer camping opportunities as well as hiking trails for visitors to explore. Rockingham County continues to be an important part of New Hampshire’s history and culture while also offering a great place to visit or live for those looking for beautiful scenery or outdoor activities.

Major cities and towns in Rockingham County, New Hampshire

According to AbbreviationFinder, Rockingham County is home to several towns and cities, each with its own unique history and culture. The county’s largest city is Portsmouth, which was founded in 1623 and is the third oldest settlement in the United States. Portsmouth is a bustling port city that offers visitors a variety of attractions, including Strawbery Banke Museum, Prescott Park, and Fort Constitution Historic Site.

The town of Exeter is located just south of Portsmouth and was established in 1638. Exeter is home to Phillips Exeter Academy, one of the oldest prep schools in the United States, as well as many historical sites such as the American Independence Museum. It also has a vibrant downtown area with restaurants and shops for visitors to enjoy.

Hampton Beach is located on the Atlantic coast and has been a popular tourist destination since it was first established in 1873. It offers miles of sandy beaches for visitors to enjoy along with amusement parks, arcades, restaurants and more. Hampton Beach also hosts an annual Seafood Festival that draws thousands of people each year.

Salem is located north of Portsmouth and is known for its historic downtown area filled with shops, restaurants, galleries and more. Salem also offers several attractions such as Canobie Lake Park amusement park and Rockingham Park racetrack which make it a great destination for tourists looking for fun activities while visiting Rockingham County.

Brentwood is located east of Exeter on Route 101A between Hampton Beach and Salem. It’s known for its rural atmosphere but still has plenty to offer visitors including historical sites such as Indian Hill Cemetery and White Farms Ice Cream Stand which have been open since 1887. Brentwood also offers plenty of outdoor activities such as camping at Bear Brook State Park or hiking trails at Pawtuckaway State Park which make it an ideal spot for those looking to explore the great outdoors while visiting Rockingham County.

Seabrook Beach lies south of Hampton Beach on Route 286 near Massachusetts state line and has long been popular among beachgoers due to its sandy beaches along the Atlantic coast as well as its boardwalk filled with restaurants, shops, arcades and more. Finally, Somersworth lies west of Dover on Route 108 near New Hampshire/Maine border offering plenty of outdoor activities such as skiing at Mount Washington Resort or fishing at Salmon Falls River which make it an ideal spot for those looking to explore nature while visiting Rockingham County.

Population in Rockingham County, New Hampshire

Rockingham County, New Hampshire

According to, Rockingham County is located in the southeastern corner of New Hampshire and is home to a population of just over 300,000 people. This densely populated county includes the cities of Portsmouth, Hampton, Exeter, and Derry as well as numerous smaller towns and villages.

The median age in Rockingham County is 39 years old and the gender ratio is almost even with 49% male and 51% female. The racial makeup of the county is 92% white, 4% Hispanic or Latino, 2.5% Asian, 0.9% Black or African American, 1.2% two or more races, 0.3 Native American, and 0.1 other races.

The median household income in Rockingham County is $83k per year with a poverty rate of 8%. The largest industries are manufacturing (13%), health care (12%), retail (11%), educational services (10%), finance & insurance (8%), construction (7%) and professional/scientific/technical services (7%).

Rockingham County has a large number of college-educated adults with nearly 40% having earned at least a Bachelor’s degree compared to 30% nationwide. However, there are still many residents who have not completed high school education with only 79% graduating from high school compared to 87% nationally.

In terms of religion Rockingham County is predominantly Christian with 64%, followed by no religion at 15%, Jewish at 1%, Buddhist at 1%, Muslim at 0.2%, Hindu at 0.1%, Unitarian Universalist at 0.1%, other religions making up the remaining 1%.

Rockingham County has an overall cost of living index that’s slightly higher than the national average but still much lower than most surrounding states such as Massachusetts or Connecticut; however housing costs are significantly higher than other parts of New Hampshire due to its close proximity to larger cities like Boston and Portsmouth which drives demand for housing in the area up significantly resulting in higher prices for buyers and renters alike.