SuperSeries, Another Form of Muscle Training

There are many ways to increase our muscle mass and work on it properly. Normally most of us tend to exercise the muscles in order to make them grow, so we tend to perform workouts based on intensity and lifting enough weight to stimulate your muscles to grow.

Although there is another type of training in which muscle growth is achieved in another way. It is the case of the SuperSeries that combine several exercises followed with a weight lower than usual, since we make a greater number of repetitions and we just rest between the sets to work muscle in all its entirety. In this type of training we get other benefits and we managed to avoid the muscle get used to a kind of routine.

First of all we need to know the SuperSeries training aims to obtain a different result and a muscular development other than that gets a workout in which the uprisings of weight are slow, concentrated, with heavy and few repetitions. What we want to achieve is the SuperSeries further define your muscles creating a quality fibers where the fat there just is.

Training by SuperSeries brings several benefits. Due to the speed of execution of the exercises the blood supply our muscles, it is larger, so they will remain better oxygenated. The training will complete in less time, since there are breaks between the exercises and sentences series. This that is why the training will be more intense getting very good results.

The execution of the SuperSeries can be in many different ways, make row exercises the same muscle group or muscle antagonists such as biceps and triceps… Either way both exercises they should merge, i.e., the execution of one and another should be joint, without hardly rest between sets. For this reason the weight we are going to get lower and the higher number of repetitions, environment to 10-12 repetitions in each series.

By SuperSeries training should not be a regular, as it is alternating periods in which work with SuperSeries and others in which the training is normal, with series in which respect rest times and raised weight should be increased in order to achieve a greater hypertrophy. If we do this we will achieve the perfect balance to achieve a quality muscles.