The Disappointing Caravaning Fair Alicante

The most interesting thing I found was a camper for resale in the parking lot. Our visit was short but we saw it all (there was not much to do). Few people, few vehicles and outrageously high prices. This is the chronicle of what we saw there.

Disappointing was our conclusion after visiting  the fair  that took place last February at the fairgrounds Alicante (IFA).

Fair Caravaning Alicante is celebrated every year and lasts a couple of weekends. It can be found Motorhomes (mostly), caravans, trailers, tent, camping gear and promotion of campsites themselves. Also typical companies who are in any fair is what it is, as you review chiropractors the spine or nougat or wine sellers.

I was reluctant to go, because despite the subject, I do not like too tradeshows. But my wife insisted me (!!!).Entrance, pay to buy it seems absurd. I still remember a fair decorating its entrance cost almost 20 euros. After two hours, I left there with a couple of pictures and the feeling of being ripped off. Here was the same. But at least I got material for an article and the girls had a good time subiendose everything that had stairs.

In this case I paid 9 euros for 2 Advance tickets purchased by Internet and 3 more parking (of course it is not free).

12 Euros to go a couple of RV dealers. That if .. in less than two hours.

The oddest thing I found in the parking lot. Some clever decided to park their motorhome at the door of the fair.

A good business but was because they tried to cover her with folios sale signs. Something absurd because people’s curiosity has no limits.

This motorhome profiled sold it for 16,500 euros. According to the cartel he had 72,000 km. Something hard to believe the age of the vehicle.

After going through the parking lot to see if there was any bargain, we enter the enclosure.

Upon entering we were surprised how few people for a Sunday morning. It was just after 12 noon and that seemed deserted. Apparently not everyone wants to pay for motorhomes 60,000 euros.