Trails and Waterfalls in Serrinha of Alambari, in Resende-RJ

The List of Alambari is a irrecus invitation for those who like to be in contact with nature. Your choices of ecological walks, waterfalls and natural pools with crystal clear waters are a full plate for the ecological tourism in the region. The location, district of Resende/RJ, Cavite, isa paradise located between Visconde de Mauá and Penedo, and also an Environmental protection area (APA) with approximately of 4,500 hectares.

Its tourist vocation started in the 70 with the installation of the Camping Clube do Brasil, which to this day is a big reference in the region. Inside the camping are located pits and waterfalls of easier access da Serrinha as: Poço das Esmeraldas (the most beautiful and sought-after of the camping), Bananal, Gold, Champagne Pit and pit of Sauna (simpler access).

With light trails, well signposted and with a great infrastructure, the camping is a good option for the adventurous. In it there is parking, restaurant, bathrooms, etc. You do not need to stay overnight at the campsite to visit him, he is open to visitation for a fee (pay R$ 10.00 during the week).

The choice of many visitors to the region is to conjugate the screenplay of Serrinha of Alambari with the scripts of Penedo or Visconde de Maua due to the proximity, largest hospitality and cuisine options in recent.

The well of Emeralds is inside the camping and can be accessed by a trail of light 15 minutes, it’s all downhill on steep, so very careful on slippery stones and keep in mind that the back is just bubbling.


About 2.5 km from the camping (following the same road), in a particular property, found the two most beautiful wells da Serrinha of Alambari. The pit of Heaven and the Pit Dinosaur are those that everyone asks: “where is this place?”. The place is magical!

Both wells are amazing, the place is beautiful and completely crystalline waters, although cold, make uncontested a dip.

Access to the Sky and Dinosaur is done only with a guide, for a value of $35 at the gate of the property. According to officials, the value pays the services of guides and maintenance of trails. The guides are usually found in the lobby, we were guided by a resident of the region and that does an excellent job.


The trail to the Sky takes on average of 20 to 30 minutes, is a lightweight trail but often slippery and steep. The Dinosaur is Well below though next.