Vätternveteranens Best Tips-Part 1

Road: Vätternrundan is approaching. Pontus Andersson from Lund has so far completed 27 laps around the Lake Vättern since his 18th birthday. Here he shares his best tips.

Vätternveteranen Pontus first advice is to try to set up in the shorter race before d-day in Motala. There are plenty of races where you can get to know on klungkörning, practice to ensure their place in the Group and pick up good tips from other cyclists.

-Practice at all. Finding the right in the start field, to understand the unspoken rules of the peloton and how you should position yourself well in the edge of the wind. The more experienced you are, the more energy and focus, you can put on the bike, says Pontus.

– During Vätternrundan is often formed huge clusters and to lie far back in such a can certainly give you great traction, but for every time this long rubber band is stretched in curves and tempo changes, it becomes increasingly harder to chase up again.

– The best thing is to be well ahead in such a cluster, or to form their own small group itself. Is it a bunch of already before have planned to run together so it helps, of course, if you also have trained together, he says.

Mental attitude
The race is an achievement for all, regardless of what the clock stays on when going into the goal. Pontus says it is important not to be too strict in their own goal. It is only destructive to go home from Motala with a sense of having failed.

-Do not put up an absolute target. Was open to very unexpected might happen and that you may need to reschedule or shifting focus. To mentally divide the round in stages is a proven tool. Concentrate only on to cycle up to the next Depot. And to think rather that you have cycled four miles than you have twenty-six left.

Pontus think not having to attach so much importance to the slopes. Vätternrundan is a relatively flat course, and of all the hours you sit in the saddle will last only a few minutes spent in the uphills.

– Take the motluten at your own pace in the comfort you Lose your team. it will always be new you can catch on after a while again.