Vätternveteranens Best Tips-Part 2

Road: Vätternrundan approach. VR-veteran Pontus Andersson has so far completed 27 laps around the Lake since his 18th birthday. Here we publish part two of his best tips.


What do I have to have? Bike and helmet is obvious, but in addition to this, mention Pontus cycling shoes, cycling shorts, hose, pump and tyre levers as the absolute minimum.

– Otherwise, you can do so as long as you go into stores and fill up with fluid and energy.But obviously, the more the more comfortable Vätternrundan prepared you are. Pontus recommends bringing bike clothing for all types of weather to Motala.

“A lot can happen in the forecast before you’re standing at the starting line, and rain jacket do more good in your luggage than at home in the closet. Warmer garments are good during the night and these leave you easily from you in depots where the Sun would look up.

– Knee warmers or long pants is also necessary if you want to be scared about their leads in the chilly night, says Pontus.

Not to try something new is an established recipe for a well performed race. New bike, new seating, new pants or gloves can cause big troubles for a few hours so make sure that whatever you use is well tested and run in. It happens, unfortunately, that it rains on Vätternrundan but even for this, it is possible to prepare to run some training sessions in the rain, you’ll get an idea of how much you will freeze, how well the clothes works and how to maneuver the bike on wet surfaces.

– Avoid staying in depots in the rain because then you become just a cold. And watch out for the painted white lines in the asphalt that can become very slippery.

Focusing further away than at the wheel in front becomes extraviktigt when it is time for night driving and Pontus also think that you should try to be extra vigilant around the hour of dawn.

“Many people feel that their reaction time is a little bit worse. It’s probably something biological phenomenon when the body begins to adapt from night to day and you can feel a bit lethargic in the transition.

Drinking, sleeping and eating well in the days before the race, of course, is the be-all and end-all.

I usually run a last brief and quiet that three-four days before just to feel that everything is okay with both me and the bike. Then I make sure to just rest and replenish your body, says Pontus.

There are specific carbohydrate uploads in powder form, but before you give up on it, you should be sure that your stomach can handle it. Nutritious and good food in proper portions are enough for at least as long. Pontus intend to continue to run their Vätternrundor as long as it’s fun, but will also find new ways to challenge himself.

After trying various start times and fast clusters, he made an effort to be the first in Motala in 2009. After starting among the very first in the evening he drove the thirty miles completely on his own and finished in just in time to catch the wave of Comrade with the start time of the morning.