What does CEA stand for?

By | May 6, 2024

Top 10 Meanings of CEA:

1. Consumer Electronics Association

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) was a trade association representing the consumer electronics industry in the United States. It organized events like CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and advocated for policies beneficial to the industry.

2. Carcinoembryonic Antigen

Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) is a protein found in higher levels in the blood of people with certain cancers, particularly colorectal cancer. It’s used as a tumor marker and can indicate cancer presence or recurrence.

3. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) is a method used in economics and healthcare to compare the relative costs and outcomes of different courses of action. It helps decision-makers allocate resources efficiently.

4. Civil Engineering Assistant

A Civil Engineering Assistant (CEA) typically assists civil engineers in various tasks like drafting plans, conducting surveys, and overseeing construction projects.

5. Certified Estate Agent

A Certified Estate Agent (CEA) is a real estate professional who has obtained certification demonstrating their knowledge and expertise in the field.

6. Council for Estate Agencies

The Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) in Singapore regulates the real estate agency industry, ensuring professionalism and ethical conduct among agents.

7. Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique et aux Énergies Alternatives

The Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique et aux Énergies Alternatives (CEA) is a French public research institution focused on nuclear and renewable energy technologies.

8. Cephalic Electrophysiological Activity

Cephalic Electrophysiological Activity (CEA) refers to the electrical activity in the brain, particularly related to the cephalic phase of digestion.

9. Corporate Executive Board

A Corporate Executive Board (CEA) is a group of high-level executives within a company responsible for making strategic decisions and setting overall direction.

10. Comprehensive Environmental Assessment

A Comprehensive Environmental Assessment (CEA) is a thorough evaluation of the potential environmental impacts of a project, often required by regulatory bodies before approval.

Other 20 Popular Meanings of CEA:

Meaning Description
Canadian Environmental Assessment Process in Canada to identify and mitigate environmental effects of proposed projects.
Chief Executive Officer The highest-ranking executive in a company responsible for overall management and decision-making.
Customer Experience Agent A representative who assists customers and ensures positive interactions with a company’s products or services.
Continuing Education Assistant An individual who supports the administration and coordination of continuing education programs.
Cooperative Extension Agent Educator who works with communities to provide research-based information and educational programs.
Chief Education Advisor An expert who provides guidance and advice on educational policies and practices.
Civil Enforcement Agency Organization responsible for enforcing civil laws and regulations.
Certified Environmental Auditor Professional who assesses and verifies compliance with environmental regulations and standards.
Computer Engineering Associate Entry-level position in computer engineering, typically involved in design, testing, and maintenance.
Commonwealth Employment Agency Government agency in Australia providing employment services and support to job seekers.
Centre for Environmental Assessment Institution conducting research and evaluations related to environmental impact and sustainability.
County Executive Association Organization representing county executives and advocating for their interests.
Consumer Electronics Authority Regulatory body overseeing the safety and standards of consumer electronics products.
Comité Européen des Assurances European Committee for Insurance, focusing on regulatory and policy issues in the insurance industry.
Commission des écoles d’architecture Commission overseeing architecture schools and accreditation in France.
Centro de Estudios Andaluces Research center in Andalusia, Spain, focusing on the region’s culture, history, and society.
Chemical Engineers Association Professional organization for chemical engineers, providing networking and career development opportunities.
Commission on European Affairs Body within a government or organization responsible for European Union-related matters and policies.
China Entrepreneur Association Association supporting entrepreneurs in China through advocacy and networking events.
Community Emergency Alert System used to notify residents of emergencies and provide instructions for safety.

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